Saving form data in firefox

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When commenting on sites, I have sometimes, seen that the commenting system just swallows the comment, or there is a browser crash, or a system one. In these cases it would be great if you can recover it somehow, particularly when you typed quite a bit.

There are plugins for firefox and other browsers for this. But since I use Pentadactyl(site), I thought not to use any external plugin but write one for dactyl. But then, I realized a plugin may not be needed.

Following is what I use:
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I finally installed wordpress on my site, replacing the old home-brewed ‘blog’. The next question being why wordpress. Yes, there are many, and yes, WordPress has a history of vulnerabilities. But, I went for WordPress because I felt it was more feature complete and it didn’t require more work from my end, two good reasons for me. As one of my friends pointed out, spinning up a blogging platform based on Django or so wouldn’t have been hard but I didn’t go that way because I didn’t want to maintain it and also, I didn’t want to spend time on that (and I am not good at web ‘stuff). Also, there is another advantage: I can blog from inside emacs (like I did for this) with org2blog, which is awesome in itself. I have been using org-mode for quite a while for time tracking and other purposes, and have found it to be quite good at this; however, note that I still use Vim for everything else (code, editing etc.) though and I still fallback to Evil mode in Emacs.