Slides from past conferences

Here are my slides from past conferences. They were generated from Org Mode and Beamer. You can read more about it here.

You can get more info on the talks on their respective pages(linked).


I finally installed wordpress on my site, replacing the old home-brewed ‘blog’. The next question being why wordpress. Yes, there are many, and yes, WordPress has a history of vulnerabilities. But, I went for WordPress because I felt it was more feature complete and it didn’t require more work from my end, two good reasons for me. As one of my friends pointed out, spinning up a blogging platform based on Django or so wouldn’t have been hard but I didn’t go that way because I didn’t want to maintain it and also, I didn’t want to spend time on that (and I am not good at web ‘stuff). Also, there is another advantage: I can blog from inside emacs (like I did for this) with org2blog, which is awesome in itself. I have been using org-mode for quite a while for time tracking and other purposes, and have found it to be quite good at this; however, note that I still use Vim for everything else (code, editing etc.) though and I still fallback to Evil mode in Emacs.